Exercises for improving posture


Body positivity does not only apply when it’s convenient.

It does not only apply to people you like.

It is not conditional.

You cannot be body positive and then use someone’s body/appearance as an insult.

That’s not how it works.

MRAs suck



Sometimes I feel like I should adopt ten baby boys and just circumcise them all to piss off the MRAS… LOL

whether or not you agree with political ideology, you literally just made a post about how you toy with the notion of genital mutilation of infants just to get back at some people on the internet who say things you disagree with

find christ


misgendering fucking sucks but I don’t think that some of the people on tumblr understand that there is a difference between someone refusing to call you bunself because they think it’s stupid and trying so very hard to look like a man and some stranger calling you ‘miss’ and that feeling of just utter failure

This might be a dumb question... but if you (generally speaking) get a clitoral release and let the peen grow for a bit, can you get phalloplasty on top of that and still be able to feel at the base of the constructed penis?


You can have phalloplasty done after metoidioplasty, definitely. Also sensation associated with phalloplasty depends on whether or not you have a nerve hook-up done. Without a nerve hook-up your primary sexual sensation will be at the base of the penis, since this is where your meta is present and where your erogenous nerves are. With a hook-up these nerves are extended into the entire penis and you have full tactile and erotic sensation from base to tip. I’ve explained more about this in various posts here.

- Skylar

What are the best packers out there ?


"Best" is subjective. What one person likes about a packer might be something another person hates. Here is a giant list of packers, STP’s, hard packers, and combinations of these that you can look at. I arranged it by price, so look within your price range and look both at the aesthetic of the packer and at reviews you can find online about them. Remember that just because one packer is more expensive than another that doesn’t mean it’s better.

- Skylar


Tumblr is such a weird place it simultaneously has posts saying “don’t kill spiders they’re only trying to survive don’t be mean to bugs love every living creature uwu” and other posts saying “men are disposable let’s kill all of them” and they have the same amount of notes 



The fact that people genuinely believe there’s a such thing as “cute, fun gender things” is just further proof that being trans is just a weird game to people.

I’m not saying being trans is HORRIBLE AWFUL TERRIBLE but fun and cute is definitely not a way to describe it. That’s just downright belittling.



Normalize women with penises

Normalize men with vaginas

Normalize intersex people

Normalize singular neutral pronouns

Normalize diversity and crush stereotypes

I don’t want to be normalized as a “man with a vagina” though. I want to be seen as a man. My female anatomy is not something you should draw attention to. I want all men to be normalized as men, not as “men with vaginas.” The more you draw attention to my defective anatomy, the more you add to my dysphoria and remind me how I’m different than most men. A lot of trans guys don’t even refer to their junk as “vaginas” btw. Like seriously I love how you’re trying to avoid being binarist but you’re still being quite binarist by using “anatomically correct” language. Because after hormone replacement therapy a trans guy’s junk barely resembles what you would call a “vagina” and calling it that really doesn’t help. I see how you’re trying to help, but posts like this don’t help they actually make people feel worse thanks


What to expect after Top Surgery


Week 1

-You will be constipated due to taking painkillers, because of that if you don’t HAVE to take them, DONT

-Dont expect to be doing too much for the first couple days, I mean.. it’s surgery, rest up and listen to your body. DONT overdo it

-Post surgery depression is a thing, yes it’s an exciting process but it also takes a lot out of you physically and mentally. KEEP THAT IN MIND

-Have everything at t rex arm reach before your surgery

-You are going to have to ask for help A LOT, theres no shame in that!

-Try to get everything they have on the list they give you prior to surgery! Have everything you need before the day of surgery!

-you will likely be confused once you wake up from surgery too, I don’t really remember what I said and did but I know it was very silly and confusing…


-Keep notes on the time you’ve taken your medication so you can keep up with when it’s okay to take your meds IF YOU NEED TO OR ARE INSTRUCTED TO

After your reveal

-It is EXTREMELY overwhelming as well as exciting when you finally get to see your chest. Just know that it’s okay if you feel any kind of LOSS because guess what? Thats what it is! It is a loss! It’s okay to be in touch with that sense of loss and to mourn for what was once apart of you.. that is OKAY. It doesnt make you any less of a man or any less trans. Don’t brush away any feelings that come up for you in this process. FEEL IT.

-I was literally told that I need to be fat and lazy for the next six weeks, DO THAT. Take it easy and LISTEN to your body. You will be getting used to a new lifestyle. It is exciting but it is also HARD. There’s no shame in that

-If you’re a workout freak like I am, then this is going to be hard for you as well. While I feel good about my chest I am also going through some insecurities with my body due to not working out for so long. It doesn’t feel good but its what you need to do.

-YES it’s going to feel amazing after surgery to have a flat chest but things will be kind of nasty for a couple weeks, and it might even be hard to look at. Please take that into account, I rarely hear people talk about that, or about the mourning process in regards to this surgery.

-follow all the instructions (obviously) AND listen to your body, take both of those things into account!