"you’re perpetuating the idea that transness is a choice!!!" yeah i am because it is

Haha you know who else says that, transphobes. Like my aunt, who terrorized my life with her belief that my transsexualism was a “choice”. That’s so funny. But fuck truscum for defending the fact that it’s a medical condition and thus out of someone’s control whether or not they are trans, right?


Comparison Photos: Top Surgery with Dr. Daniel Medalie

Photo Set 1: 5 days post-op (day of “reveal” & removal of drains)

Photo Set 2: 3 weeks post-op

Photo Set 3: 2 months and 2 days post-op (please excuse the rash around my right nipple. thankfully it is finally clearing up [i think]).

Am I the only one who think that LGBT community is not about LGBT people anymore?


Welcome to Trans Community in 2014

  1. where having sex dysphoria is “privilege”
  2. where transitioning is internalised cissexism
  3. where everyone should probably chose to be nonbinary
  4. where there are no “men” and “women” anymore, just afab and amab people
  5. where being trans is “thinking about gender”
  6. where “species dysphoria” is a serious thing
  7. where not agreeing with trans woman is transmisogyny
  8. where the only people who still remember what is it all about are called ‘scum’ by angry teenagers
  9. where saying transsexualism is medical condition is ableism
  10. where you are scum for wanting to live as cis people 
  11. where all trans men are scum and oppressors
  12. where trans women are proud of their giant penises
  13. where trans men are born with male privilege
  14. where biological sex is a social construct
  15. where dysphoric people have no right to talk about trans issues
  16. where people confuse one’s gender with personality
  17. where people identifying with demons and robots are valid
  18. where gender is an “identity” and most important thing about person
  19. where you have no right to refuse sex ‘non dysphoric masculine presenting’ trans woman
  20. where trans men are accused of transmisoginy and transphobia
  21. where it’s ok to hate trans men, to say they don’t deserve any help, to trigger their dysphoria and to misgender them
  22. where 13 year old feminine demigirls are far more oppressed than dysphoric trans people
  23. where the biggest issue of trans movement is petition to acknowledge +50 gender identities
  24. where people who like their all sex characteristics want to transition and hate ‘cis doctors’ for gate-keeping
  25. where this absurd division between “non dysphoric trans people” and “dysphoric trans people” really exist 
  26. where “he” and “she” pronouns are not gendered, but refusing to call someone “sherlockself” is misgendering

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"Casey’s Trans Life - 5 Lies I Told Myself Before Deciding to Transition"

Watched this awhile ago and can’t remmeber anything about it. I just remember liking it and agree with a lot of what she said.


Can you imagine what would happen if it turned out a bunch of straight men were catfishing nudes from lesbians?  I mean seriously, how entitled are these women to think that gay men are just put on the earth for the amusement and pleasure of straight women, and how deluded do you have to be to be “jealous of the sexual freedom” of a minority group that cannot legally get married in most parts of the world (at the very least) and generally can’t even hold hands in public without fear of getting their faces smashed in?  Why do these women think its acceptable to pretend to be a gay man to go on an app for gay men to spy on them and catfish nudes? 

More insanity in the comments:

No, actually this is a thing I am a straight woman and I used to enjoy going on Grindr, and I think Oscar does a pretty good job at explaining why. I stopped doing it because other people didn’t think it was a good thing to do, not because I didn’t enjoy it. I’m glad to hear that it’s finally out that there are ladies that do this, especially because I know a few and it isn’t so weird or terrible in reality, there are a lot worse things people could hide behind in the internet and you really do have to do things carefully and at your own risk. I didn’t think I was hurting anyone, and if a gay guy got emotional or serious about things, I always stopped talking to them. It’s just harmless fun.”

Can you imagine what would happen if this was a straight guy saying “yeah I pretend to be a lesbian on the internet to get nudes off lesbians and chat dirty with them.  I’m not hurting anyone, I’m not invading a space that I have no right to be in, I’m glad people are speaking out so you realise we are not being weird or perverted, it’s just harmless fun.  Tee hee!”

Feminists want to talk about gay entitlement to female bodies?  Well, how about you stop pretending it’s a one way street and talk about shit like this for a change?  

anti-truscum: Truscum are so violent it's scary.
anti-truscum: If my kids are cis I'm killing them.


Not wanting to be cis is different than not being cis


How to: Freeze your eggs!! | Fridays with Cayden


tumblr’s obsession with trans women is gross honestly


My full Top Surgery post:
I had surgery almost 3 weeks ago, by Dr. Beverly Fischer. The procedure was “periareolar with extension double mastectomy”, but I think it is better described as a hybrid of peri and double incision. There are incisions around my areolae with 2.5 inch lateral extensions toward my armpits. This was done because I was considered “borderline” for the periareolar procedure but did not wish to have DI. The extensions allowed Dr. Fischer to remove more skin without pleating (I did not have good skin elasticity due to binding for years). Post operatively, I developed an infection along my right (last picture) chest wall. My body created a fistula where the areola and extension incisions meet, where the infection drained from for about 5 days. Other than that spot the infection did not affect my incisions. I saw my primary doctor for this and I am still on antibiotics (you wouldn’t believe the size of those pills!). As of now I still have minor swelling, light bruising, loose skin, and the wounds around my areolae (especially the left side) are healing more slowly than the extensions. Despite the infection, my recovery has been relatively smooth and I am happy with my results so far!