Why would you say “why would you want to be a man” to a trans guy like that’s not fighting misogyny that’s literal transphobia


I wish cis education on trans shit wasn’t so invasive.

I wish allyship didn’t consist of being able to point out surgery scars.

I wish respect for trans people didn’t come in the form of knowing way too much shit about their genitals.

I wish cis people didn’t feel like they couldn’t speak up when a trans person says something fucked up, just because that person is trans.

I wish they’d stop nodding along to violent and abusive comments by trans people about them just because they want to “acknowledge their privilege.”

I wish they’d stop signing off on harmful ideologies within the trans community that just make the intrapolitics even shittier.

I wish they didn’t talk about trans people’s sex organs and call it allyship because “people with uteruses/penises” is very triggering.

I wish they wouldn’t coin terms like “cis-ish” or think not “identifying on the gender binary” and “taking any pronouns” is a proper show of their solidarity.

I wish they wouldn’t specify they were cis unnecessarily all the time as if they expect trans people to choose between lying or outing themselves.

I wish they would stop acting like they knew what’s in trans people’s pants all the time.

I wish they wouldn’t giggle to themselves about how exciting it was that they spotted a trans person in the mall, on the subway, or in the checkout line.

I wish they wouldn’t quote the most problematic prominent trans people whom much of the trans community disagrees with as if they’re some super authority that trumps every other trans person who dissents.

I wish cis people would stop asking trans people’s pronouns every 2 minutes (when they already know them) and asking for confirmation on literally every gendered term they ever could use.

I wish cis people would stop acting like it’s a phase because ~gender is fluid~.

I wish cis people would stop calling thinly veiled transphobia “allyship.”

I wish cis people were respectfully educated, honest allies, and fucking listened.


Can we replace “a girl that wants to be a boy” and “a boy who wants to be a girl” with “person who doesn’t feel comfortable with their biological body”? 


I’m not even asking for respecting our gender and I get that for some people genitals are the most important part in human beings. I kinda feel sorry for them. But can you all please stop with this narrative that implies that “sex change” is a whim? 

I didn’t want to be a boy. I don’t even know what does it mean to feel like a boy or like a girl. I am me. All I know is that my body made me suffer. 

People think it’s like “I want to be a boy so I feel bad about my female body because I can’t fulfill my wish if I have breasts” while it’s more like “I feel strange and really bad in my body and my brain thinks I should have the opposite parts” 

Even for cis allies it often seems to be a fun because they try to imagine this situation on themselves but they’ve never experienced sex dysphoria so for them it’s like roleplaying. It would be fun if you are not afraid to cross gender roles. So they think for us it’s also like crossdressing. Wow, you like to crossdress, it’s amazing. And you want to be the opposite gender forever! It’s like crossdressing all the time! So cool!



My review of Pierre, the uncut packer from New york toy collective

Good review of the Pierre uncircumcised packer. Shows the packer close up, so probably NSFW.

I live in Ohio so it is pretty certain I will be going to Dr medalie for top surgery. I am a PoC so I know results will be different but I've been looking at many dudes scar treatments and if u dont mind sharing could u go into more detail about it?


Awesome! I highly recommend him. He has really consistent results and a lot of experience.

So to start, I scheduled my top surgery intentionally in mid-November because I wanted to be able to take 6-8 weeks off of work because my one job requires some heavy lifting. With the holidays during Nov and Dec, I ended up only really missing out on 4-6 weeks. Dr. Medalie will give you post-op instructions when you get your drains out. I followed them exactly, only making a few alterations based on what people had told me or through my own learning experiences.

I took it as easy as I possibly could for the first 2 months to avoid any stretching of my scars. I modified my sleeping habits and moved things to lower shelves to avoid having to stretch at all. At about 3 weeks post-op (I believe, it’s in the instructions though) I started massaging my incisions with this really pure cocoa butter that was crazy thick. I would massage each side for at least 10 minutes twice a day, so I was spending up to an hour each day massaging my scars. I’d do it while I was watching a show or getting ready for bed…I tried to incorporate it into my daily routine so that I wouldn’t get lazy over time and allow myself to forget. I actually enjoyed massaging them, it felt nice to finally be able to touch my chest! I also don’t mean just rubbing lotion into my skin, I mean pushing down with 2 or 3 fingers to the point of discomfort, but not pain. My arms would be tired afterward I would massage so much haha. I also didn’t even consider going back to the gym, something I see a lot of guys rush out to do as soon as possible. I’d rather take a few months off and gain some weight/lose muscle and have the best scars possible with little stretching. I’m only going to have my raw tender scars for a while, so I’d rather let them heal as much as possible before I worry about getting into shape.

At around 3 months I got lazy, and only massaged my incisions once every other day or so until I hit 5 months. At that point, I realized I wanted to try to do the whole routine thing again to try and accelerate my results for my 6 months, but this time with an oil instead of a lotion. The lotion just wasn’t as effective once the incisions had healed. I bought Palmers skin therapy oil at CVS for like $10. It’s a massive bottle that’s like 5 or 6 times the size of BioOil which I didn’t want to drop the cash on. Medalie told me that it doesn’t really matter what you massage with, it’s the massage that’s important. I started massaging once or twice a day again until I hit my 6 month mark. I saw a pretty significant improvement, so I have been using the oil whenever I remember to since my 6 months post-op. Sometimes I’ll do it every day for a week, other times I’ll forget to for 2 weeks lol. But time is going to be the biggest help at this point.

Let me know if you have any other questions :)


It’s ok to want to pass, it’s ok to worry about whether you look like a male or not, it’s ok to be hung up on this.

So sick of trans guys on facebook saying “it doesn’t matter if you pass, be you, do you, fuck everyone else”.  Like fuck off, some people care if they pass, some people worry about this, some people need it for safety or their own mental well-being.

What’s most infuriating is that it’s almost always the guys who you can tell have been on T a pretty good while, and have no trouble passing.  So yeah, it’s easy to say that if you pass and aren’t mistaken for a woman all the time.  I don’t know why some post transition guys can’t remember back to what it was like before they could pass regularly.  That may have been a long time ago for me but I still remember all those instances of shitty times before I passed.  


I’ve gotten a lot of messages about where the cheapest places to find testosterone are and a few days ago I found this app. The app is called GoodRx and it’ll find you the cheapest prices for your prescription based on the pharmacies near you. The pictures show what prices are like near my school. At Walgreens I would be paying $43 for a 5 month supply of testosterone, whereas at other locations I’ve paid anywhere from $68 - $120. It’s incredible. You can see that without the free discount I could be paying upwards of $108 at Walgreens. These prices even beat Stroheckers, the online pharmacy that will fill a testosterone prescription for $53. I’d highly recommend everyone use this app or the GoodRx website to save money on their prescriptions.


if i had a dollar for every offensive thing arielle has said about trans men i’d be able to afford the surgeries she says i don’t need 


Arielle saying that trans guys look like butch lesbians is exactly the confidence boost that I needed to start my day! Thanks, Arielle!!



I’m going to assume everyone who uses the word transexual runs a fetish blog about trans people

> Transsexual people using the term transsexual to describe themselves = fetishistic.
> “Being trans makes you 500% cuter & more fun than cis people" = not at all fetishistic.

I don’t believe you understand either the word transsexual or fetish.