Tumblr is such a weird place it simultaneously has posts saying “don’t kill spiders they’re only trying to survive don’t be mean to bugs love every living creature uwu” and other posts saying “men are disposable let’s kill all of them” and they have the same amount of notes 



The fact that people genuinely believe there’s a such thing as “cute, fun gender things” is just further proof that being trans is just a weird game to people.

I’m not saying being trans is HORRIBLE AWFUL TERRIBLE but fun and cute is definitely not a way to describe it. That’s just downright belittling.



Normalize women with penises

Normalize men with vaginas

Normalize intersex people

Normalize singular neutral pronouns

Normalize diversity and crush stereotypes

I don’t want to be normalized as a “man with a vagina” though. I want to be seen as a man. My female anatomy is not something you should draw attention to. I want all men to be normalized as men, not as “men with vaginas.” The more you draw attention to my defective anatomy, the more you add to my dysphoria and remind me how I’m different than most men. A lot of trans guys don’t even refer to their junk as “vaginas” btw. Like seriously I love how you’re trying to avoid being binarist but you’re still being quite binarist by using “anatomically correct” language. Because after hormone replacement therapy a trans guy’s junk barely resembles what you would call a “vagina” and calling it that really doesn’t help. I see how you’re trying to help, but posts like this don’t help they actually make people feel worse thanks


What to expect after Top Surgery


Week 1

-You will be constipated due to taking painkillers, because of that if you don’t HAVE to take them, DONT

-Dont expect to be doing too much for the first couple days, I mean.. it’s surgery, rest up and listen to your body. DONT overdo it

-Post surgery depression is a thing, yes it’s an exciting process but it also takes a lot out of you physically and mentally. KEEP THAT IN MIND

-Have everything at t rex arm reach before your surgery

-You are going to have to ask for help A LOT, theres no shame in that!

-Try to get everything they have on the list they give you prior to surgery! Have everything you need before the day of surgery!

-you will likely be confused once you wake up from surgery too, I don’t really remember what I said and did but I know it was very silly and confusing…


-Keep notes on the time you’ve taken your medication so you can keep up with when it’s okay to take your meds IF YOU NEED TO OR ARE INSTRUCTED TO

After your reveal

-It is EXTREMELY overwhelming as well as exciting when you finally get to see your chest. Just know that it’s okay if you feel any kind of LOSS because guess what? Thats what it is! It is a loss! It’s okay to be in touch with that sense of loss and to mourn for what was once apart of you.. that is OKAY. It doesnt make you any less of a man or any less trans. Don’t brush away any feelings that come up for you in this process. FEEL IT.

-I was literally told that I need to be fat and lazy for the next six weeks, DO THAT. Take it easy and LISTEN to your body. You will be getting used to a new lifestyle. It is exciting but it is also HARD. There’s no shame in that

-If you’re a workout freak like I am, then this is going to be hard for you as well. While I feel good about my chest I am also going through some insecurities with my body due to not working out for so long. It doesn’t feel good but its what you need to do.

-YES it’s going to feel amazing after surgery to have a flat chest but things will be kind of nasty for a couple weeks, and it might even be hard to look at. Please take that into account, I rarely hear people talk about that, or about the mourning process in regards to this surgery.

-follow all the instructions (obviously) AND listen to your body, take both of those things into account!



I hate how 1 in 12 transgender men/women are murdered and yet ive only heard of one covered by media.

I hate how 30-40% of lgbt youth attempt suicide, that theres been several accounts of gay kids tortured and starved to death at christian conversion camps and nobody even knows or care enough to…

that 1 in 12 statistic is a misunderstanding. it’s not one in 12 of all trans people. it’s actually out of all the number of US homicides each year one in 12 of the total yearly US homicide victims happened to be trans.

the suicide rate is pretty high for just transgender youth at average 42% highest 50%. it kinda skews the “lgbt attempted suicide rate” results sometimes I think that’s the only reason we’re still in the acronym, to drum up more sympathy for the LGB by skewing the statistics . but when you read “lgbt” suicide attempt rate, next to no one will actually focus on getting transgender youth help.

Do you know of any ways I can become/look more masculine short of taking T?


Zak: Work out, mostly. Changing the way you dress, move, and talk can also really do a lot! One of the major things I did pre-T was get a different hair cut. Getting it cut by someone who knew I was looking for a men’s haircut, not a boyish women’s cut, made a huge difference. I don’t really buy into any of the “natural transitioning” stuff out there, so I can’t really recommend any supplements, vitamins, or anything like that. I’d personally focus on other things like building up your upper body through lifting weights, being careful to choose clothes that conceal your curves, and getting a masculine haircut. 





"Yo as a FYI to any Toronto trans. Planned Parenthood is now offering hormones, and you don’t need a referral to get in touch with them either. It’s a very new program (the website isn’t even up yet) but looking at the forms they provided my sibling they’re really on the up and up and it looks to…

Yup, PPT is increasingly doing some great work around trans health care. They run a Gender Journey’s type group for the early and mid-teens being seen at Sick Kids (for hormone blockers). 1 caveat, PPT only serves people up to age 26, so the primary care only applies to youth.

Racialised trans women looking for care in Toronto should definitely check out Women’s Health In Women’s Hand. I’ve heard very good feedback from those who have gone. They will see women regardless of (residency/refugee) status.

1st Nations folks should check out Dr Yoella Teplitsky at Anishnawbe Health Toronto.

U of T students should check out Dr Sarah Warden at the Health and Wellness centre.

Queen West site (part of CTCHC) will see trans folks who live outside its catchment area and they are known for their work with underhoused folks and are outspoken advocates for harm reduction. You must mention that you’re trans when you call otherwise they will site their catchment area as a limitation.

Trans folks in London can see Dr Bodkin at London Intercommunity Health Centre. I know there’s another game in town but Bodkin is the one with the safety of your health at heart, she will do blood work and monitor you, plus as a family physician she can take care of your entire primary health not just the hormone piece.

Folks in Timmins can get trans affirming health care from Dr Miron. ( Il  est francophone ! ) He will see folks in Sudbury and North Bay via OTN (think Skype, but secure enough to transmit medical data) if you can work out how to get one in your town. Hospitals, Local Health Integration Network offices, CMHA (that’s not a typo with CAMH), NOSM, and Community Health Centres should have one for you to use. I know there’s a doc in Sudbury but she has an extensive wait list.

Dr Ray Balec in Thunder Bay is getting good reviews from his trans clients. (So does NorWest CHC but I’m not clear if they’re taking new clients.)

In Chatham-Kent I’d check out Dr Paterno Serezo.

In Windsor I’d go to the Windsor FHT, they have Gender Journeys, as well as docs experienced in providing trans primary care.

do you know anything about stuff for anywhere else in canada? ive looked around for alberta, for example, but i havent found much in the way of a way to find out if doctors are good or not or anything like that 

I know of some stuff in Montréal, Vancouver, Victoria, Halifax and Winnipeg. I’m in contact with a social worker at the Pride Centre of Edmonton who would probably know who is prescribing in that city (now whether that doc is taking new clients on atm is another matter.) Have you been in touch with folks there?

The person who runs AlbertaTrans claims to have a short list of docs in Edmonton accepting new clients. I can’t vouch for that person/site.

I would check out the psychologists lsited as trans friendly recommended by Calgary Outlink and ask them who they refer clients unto for hormones.


If your reasons for identifying as something other than your birth sex are limited to a list of stereotypical behavioral or personality traits associated with the opposite gender… you aren’t fighting sexism.  You are falling victim to it.  

"whereas the trans girl/nonbinary presence is literally less than half." funny considering tumblr is about 70% female (not sure about nb people though)


I’d like to see their sources for that number, but I wouldn’t be surprised if trans women and DMAB non-binary folk were outnumbered by trans men and DFAB non-binary folk on this specific site.

Why is that?

The vast majority of tumblr’s userbase is comprised of DFAB (female-bodied) individuals, most of them cis women of various sexualities. As a result, you’re more likely to find trans men or DFAB non-binary people than you are trans women or DMAB non-binary people.

However, this is pretty much the only place where this occurs. In the trans movement, itself, and in society, and in the media, we almost exclusively see trans women. They are touted as the face of the trans movement. They are given far more coverage and representation than trans men.

The imbalance in trans women vs. trans men exposure is so severe, in fact, that many people I and other trans men/DFAB non-binary folk have met thought that only trans women existed. There is so very, very little education on the existence of trans men.

Basically, OP is whining, because there is one place in the world, on the Internet, where they are not receiving the lion’s share of attention, and where they are not the majority.

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