Bashing an entire group of people because someone who wronged you shares a characteristic with those people is not venting.


i am a firm believer in the idea that all of the cis hate is the exact reason why this website is filled with people DESPERATELY trying not to be cis


What pisses me off about how non-binarism is treated is that it’s so nebulous people basically get out of having dysphoria because of it.

"Oh, going on testosterone made you really uncomfortable and upset? Well you’re not a man! So of course going on it is bound to make you feel that way!" instead of "Oh, I altered my body and now have dysphoria, maybe that’s because I’m cis."

Or, “Of course it’s normal to only have social dysphoria, because you’re not binary! You’re still trans, and therefore should have access to hormones you see only as a cosmetic body modification to fit some stylish idea of yourself in your head! Even though you have no issue with your body.” Instead of, “Oh, I have no dysphoria over my sex characteristics. Must be cis. Must not take medication that isn’t even approved by the FDA for this purpose, in order to look more queer so people stop asking me to wear a dress.”


Come on now. Come the fuck on now. Non-binary was a helpful term for a fucking microsecond. Now, people use it to mean whatever the fuck they want and be irresponsible not only with their language but with their medicine and healthcare. And THIS is what represents trans people. I used to think this wasn’t an issue if it was just for these people, but these are the ones who do a piss poor attempt at education, and these are the ones who whine about how Dat Mean Ol’ Cissie, and these are the people representing trans people as a whole. All while not being trans. You deserve space to be as gender non-conforming as you fucking please. You do not deserve spaces and resources for trans people when you are not trans. Fuq off.


Here’s the thing.

Do I hate non-dysphoric “transpeople”? No.

Do I wish them ill-will, am I saying their identities aren’t valid? Not necessarily.

What I’m saying is the following:

  • You can not have gender dysphoria and still not be cis. You wanna be starself demigirl magiboy nan0nb? Fine, what the hell do I care? But
  • if you don’t have dysphoria don’t call yourselves trans
  • find your own label
  • Don’t participate in giveaways meant for trans people. That’s taking away our resources, and since you do not have dysphoria, there isn’t a dire need for you to have this
  • Go get surgeries/hormones if you want to but you might give yourself dysphoria
  • Buy your own binders, bras, etc. Don’t participate with In a Bind or anything
  • Find your own label!!!
  • Then you can have your resources, and we can have ours
  • is that hard to understand? Thoughts?





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change my post to something as disgusting as this ever again and i’ll rip out your throat and feed it to my dogs 

if literally just switching the genders can make you this angry you probably shouldn’t have made the post in the first place



I chose to transition like I choose to use crutches when I have leg injury. If I don’t make that choice I am in pain and make things worse and worse until I am debilitated. I once tried to not use crutches when I had a recently hyperextended knee and just dragged that leg around. I messed up my back, that knee and my other knee until someone had the sense of forcing me to use crutches. I am still trying to keep dragging myself through life in this body until I can get access to transition.

Neither is healthy or sustainable. Technically choices? Sure. But it is also a choice to eat and drink.



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Is there a sexual orientation for people who hate men but are technically still sexually attracted to them?

as far as I know, that’s called being twelve


When a convicted criminal is facing less obstacles to medical care than you


tumblr sjw: Hi guys! So, I'm an opposexual, it means I'm sexually attracted to the opposite sex. So, since I'm a girl, I'm attracted to boys. And I'm a comfogender, it means I'm comfortable in the gender I was assigned at birth. She/her pronouns, please!
Actual LGBTQA person: You literally just described a heterosexual and a cisgender person.
tumblr sjw: Ick, no! Those genders and sexualities have been keeping us LGBTQIPAOCWXYZ people down. They're part of the patriarchy! SMASH THE PATRIARCHY! Can I have a safe space please?